Why Do I Need to Know My Emotional Agility Scores?

Emotional Agility (EA) is VERY important...

Your Emotional Agility indicates your ability to use emotions to create positive outcomes for yourself and others. This has nothing to do with "being emotional" and everything to do with how your thoughts, intentions, feelings, and ideas are managed and then shared with the people around you.

Your EA Assessment will tell you...

Your EA scores are a far greater indicator of your potential to achieve success, fulfillment, happiness, and wealth than intelligence (IQ), academic performance, or even your technical skill, so it's impossible to overestimate the impact of Emotional Agility on your life.

Your Emotional Agility assessment covers...

There are 5 Mindfluence Emotional Agility skills and they each have a direct influence on your success in business, life, and relationships.

Self-Awareness and Impact

Your awareness and understanding of your own moods, attitudes, and drives, as well as how they impact the people around you.


Your ability to effectively use emotions and shift your own emotional state.

Inspired Engagement

Your drive to take action on your vision.

Compassionate Understanding

Your ability to understand and connect with other people.

Relationship Influence

Your ability to build effective relationships and how your interaction with others affects how they feel about you.

Why is it important to know my EA scores?

Emotions either propel us forward in our growth, contribution, relationships, and success, or they act to sabotage our purpose, peace, and progress in the world. The good news is that we can choose which outcome we'll get.

While none of us are perfect in these critical emotional skills (most people have never received any EA training at all), you now have the incredible opportunity to develop and direct these powerful forces in the same way that you can expand your mental capacity with new knowledge and develop your physical fitness through exercise.

How Long Does it Take?
What Does it Cost?
What Do I Get?

  • It takes an average of 15 minutes to complete.
  • You will immediately receive an overall EA score PLUS individual scores in each of the 5 Emotional Agility skills.
  • You will immediately receive a highly personalized downloadable report providing useful insights about your results.
  • $97  (now just $77) for a single report. As little as $27 each for groups. Prices may be lower if you have a current VIP code.

How long do you want to wait to discover which emotional factors are working for you and which are holding you back?

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